We organize homeless outreach 4 times per year throughout Arizona. We take various basic necessities such as hygiene bags, pillows, blankets, clothes, and food directly to the people living in the streets.  We mobilize our volunteers through the use of social media to serve along with us on our mission days in their own cities all across the country. 

Women in Crisis

Connecting women who may be victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, homelessness, etc with community resources, such as: safe housing, emergency shelters and rehabilitation centers. We also give recognition and assistance to single mothers struggling with poverty.

At Risk Youth

We provide positive healthy entertainment and mentoring for kids in single parent homes, foster care, and group homes. This entertainment includes events such as our Skate Parties and concerts. Our events feature clean and uplifting music, raffles, and prizes. Also providing workshops on healthy relationships, social media safety, and drug, homelessness and suicide prevention.

The Greatest of These is Love

How We Fight Poverty
We use the LOVE of God within our hearts and the hearts of our supporters to carry out our love missions throughout the year! We seek out those living in the streets, shelters, alleys, cars, foster care, widows, prisoners, and anyone else living in or below poverty.
We promote and create clean, uplifting music and provide a healthy alternative to secular radio. Every year, we produce an urban Christian mix-tape highlighting some of the most talented artists in this genre. We use this music to reach our generation with a sound they like but lyrics that shift their perspectives and help break the mentality of poverty.
We use media to help raise awareness on poverty and its effects on our communities. Many people are unaware of the severity of homelessness, widows, foster care, etc. Without knowing, how can they do their part to help? We use social media, documentaries, and other media outlets to not only help others realize the devastating effects of poverty but also to give a voice to those enduring.

Love Each Other

Love provides the greatest power for transformation!

When we love each other, we feel good about ourselves, we promote peace, we extend our lives, we make others feel good, and we ultimately break the chains of poverty. Poverty comes from a lack of basic necessities and resources. Some say the secret to love is simply defined into two words: kindness and generosity. According to the Bible, love never fails and it always protects. We can all do our part to fight poverty by extending kindness and generosity to everyone we meet.